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Ringside Herringbone 100% Cotton 170 Inch Boxing Hand Wraps


I recommend long boxing hand wraps to new students in order to cover the wrists, knuckles, and thumbs (if desired).  Typically between 170″-180″ works best to ensure full hand protection that does NOT stretch.  The point of having hand wraps is to keep the wrist stable and secure.  100% cotton or herringbone ensures the best stability.


I recommend long boxing hand wraps to new students, typically between 170″-180″ to ensure full hand protection including wrapping the wrist, knuckles, between the fingers and even around the thumb if desired.

The Ringside Extra-long 2″ x 170″ provides a strong herringbone weave cotton.  This is essential for keeping the wrist in a stable position while punching mitts, heavy bags, wall mounts, and more.

  • Extra-long 2″ x 170″ cotton hand wraps for amateur boxing hand protection
  • Super strong herringbone weave cotton for long-lasting wear
  • Convenient Hook & Loop closure