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how to wrap your hands like a professional boxer or mma fighter

Tutorial: How To Wrap Your Hands for Boxing or MMA

Tutorial: How To Wrap Your Hands Like a Professional Boxers or MMA Fighter

Lou Storiale, from Chicago Fight House, demonstrates how to properly wrap your hands for boxing or mma training.

We are using 180″ All Cotton Boxing Wraps in this tutorial since you will need a sturdy cloth long enough to protect the knuckles and wrists.

Tutorial 1: How To Begin to Wrap Your Hands Like a Boxer or MMA Fighter

Begin by spreading your fingers and flexing your hand.  This ensures the wraps will not be too tight after wrapping your hands and making a fist.   Always begin with the wrap on top of the hand.

Begin with over the top of the hand boxing hand wraps
Tutorial 2: How To Wrap Your Wrist Like a Professional Boxer or MMA Fighter

Wrap the boxing handwrap around your wrist two times.

Keep it snug.  Ensure your fingers are spread out and your hand is flexed.

two around the wrist boxing hand wrap
Tutorial 3: Bring the Wrap across the top of the hand and begin with the knuckles

After wrapping the wrist 2 times, bring the wrap across the top of the hand to the outside of the pinky and then wrap around the knuckles 2 times.

wrap the knuckles boxing
Step 4: Protect Your Knuckles

After wrapping your knuckles two times, ensure your knuckles are protected by making a fist.  The wraps should cover the knuckles so that abrasions do not occur.

make a fist check the knuckles
Step 5: Make an X on Top

Make an X across the top of the hand (criss-cross) by bringing the wrap down and across the top to your wrist on the pinky-side – then around the wrist and across the top of the hand to your pinky.

criss cross on top boxing hand wrap
Step 6: Between the Fingers

On the final criss-cross, bring the wraps between the pinky and ring finger and we will begin wrapping between the fingers.    Each time a wrap goes between the fingers, wrap once around the wrist for stability and to keep the wraps from bunching up.

between the fingers hand wrap
Step 7: Between All Fingers Now

Repeat the previous step wrapping between each finger

a. Between the ring finger and your middle finger.

b. Around the wrist

c. Between the middle finger and index finger

d. Around the wrist again.

aroundn the wrist between each finger
Step 8: Across Top, Around Knuckles Again

Once you have completed wrapping between the fingers, wrap across the top of your hand and wrap around the knuckles two more times just like in the beginning.

another two wraps around the knuckles
Step 9: Make X on Bottom

Turn your hand over and criss-cross the hand wraps on the bottom just as you did on top.  This will allow additional stability to your wrist when punching a heavy bag, mitts, or other targets.

criss cross on bottom hand srap
Step 10: Finish Around the Wrist

Finish up by wrapping the remaining length of hand wrap around the wrist, keeping it snug.  Make sure your fingers are spread out and flexed.

finish around the wrist boxing handwrap
Finished Hand Wrap

Congratulations!   Make a fist.  This style of wrapping hands is very similar to professional cutmen in amateur and professional boxing and MMA.

Customize this to fit your style but always remember that your wrist is most at risk.

Protect your hands and wrists with 100% cotton 180″ hand wraps for the best stability.


completed hand wrap for boxing

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