Chicago Fight House

Boxing 101: All Levels
Mon & Wed 6pm-9pm

Real Technical Boxing Classes

woman punching mitts

Learn the real art and science of boxing under the expert supervision of Lou Storiale, senior technical trainer (certified NASM-CPT & Level 1 USA Boxing Coach) so you get personal attention and excellent coaching every time.

Boxing training provides both aerobic and anaerobic training which is excellent for weight loss, weight control, fat loss, and lean muscle building.

Boxing Exercises

  • Heavy bag work
  • Double-end bag
  • Speedbag
  • Pad/mitt work
  • Punching with dumbbells
  • Skipping rope
  • Offensive striking and punch combinations
  • Defense (blocking and slipping punches)
  • Excellent cardio and muscular endurance
  • Sparring drills
extreme heavybag drills

Summer Boxing Has Begun

15 Boxing Exercises + More!

Each of these exercises are excellent ways to increase your cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance – resulting in rapid fat-loss, increases in lean muscle mass which contribute to YOUR weight loss and fitness goals.

  • Running
  • Jumping rope
  • Calisthenics
  • Pushups
  • Sit-ups
  • Plyometrics
  • Heavy bag
  • Slip bag
  • Speedbag
  • Footwork training
  • Mitt and pad striking
  • Defensive training movements
  • Timed intervals
  • Speed and power exercises
  • Mentored sparring (only if you want)

Boxing Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of punching, blocking, and avoiding punches to maximize efficiency and power and eliminate bad habits in the beginning.  We concentrate on learning in the first few weeks.

  • Boxing Stance
  • Proper Punching Technique
  • Basic Defense
  • How to Move and Punch
  • Increase Your Hand Speed in Less than 5 Minutes
  • Power Punch Techniques for Fast and Effortless Knockouts

Intermediate Boxing Training

Combinations and defense is the focus after the first few lessons.

  • Slipping Punches
  • Blocking Punches
  • Punching Drills and Combinations
  • Heavy Bag Rounds
  • Punching Mitts
  • Sparring Drills (non-contact)

Advanced Boxing Training and Fitness

After the first month we do all the above plus integrate fitness and cardio training with boxing movements, combinations, and defense.

  • Anaerobic Cardio Training
  • 4-6 Punch Combinations
  • Working with Weights and Dumbbells for Speed and Power
  • Mirror Work and Shadow Boxing
  • Jump Roping for Boxers
  • Hard Core Abs Workout
  • Medicine Ball Exercises
  • Performance Stretching
  • Agility Training

Boxing Classes

Boxing Class 101:
Mon & Wed 6pm-9pm

Our Boxing Class is NOT cardio boxing (aerobics with punches) with 20-30 students. Our Boxing Class has a maximum of 12 people (usually 8) in each class for personal attention and quality boxing coaching.

You will learn the same techniques as a 1 on 1 session and get to train with others at your level. Learn boxing the fast and most affordable way in a fun learning environment.

  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Hand Wraps 
  • Mouth Piece (Sparring Only)
  • Groin Protection

Call Today to Schedule a Boxing Lesson at (312) 975-9345 – Ask for Lou.