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My Notes on the Book The War of ART

Resistance – The Most Evil Force in the World

  • Seeking Assistance – You don’t need enablers
  • Procrastination – Big Symptom of Resistance
  • Sex – To engage in Lieu of productivity
  • Causing Trouble – Cheap form of fame, unhealthy habits
  • Drama – Creating & delving in drama
  • Criticizing – accepting it  & giving it
  • Self-Doubt – Pure Evil
  • Fear
  • Isolation – Afraid of being alone
  • Seeking Support
  • Rationalization – The right-hand man of resistance

* The Enemy is a very good teacher

Activities That Elicit Resistance

  • Pursuit of any calling/Taking a Stand
  • The Launching of any creative art/any act that relates to our higher nature
  • The beginning of any Diet or health regiment
  • Exercise
  • Any pursuit to overcome an unwholesome habit
  • Education of every kind
  • Any act of political, moral, or ethical courage including the idea to change any unworthy pattern of thought or conduct
  • Any Endeavor with the aim of helping
  • Any act that entails commitment of the Heart

Resistance is invisible

Its aim is to distract us, sabotage

It is internal, self-generating, self-perpetuated

It is insidious

It will tell you anything to keep you from accomplishing your goal

  • Perjure
  • Fabricate
  • Falsify
  • Seduce
  • Cajole
  • Bull

Resistance will assume any form

  • Reasoning
  • By Force

Resistance is always lying and always full of shit.  It can’t be reasoned with.  Its goal is to prevent us from doing our work.

Resistance – Its nature is to keep you where you are and has total indifference to you.

It is infallible – it stops you from your travels to True North.  Use this as a guide.

Resistance Never Sleeps

The battle must be fought every day!

Resistance aims to kill.  Its target is our epicenter of our genius, our soul, our unique gift that no one else has.  It’s a war to the death!

Every ounce of juice it uses for fuel is our Fear.

Notice the resistance, you take away its power!

Resistance Recruits Allies

a.) When you master self-sabotage, other people will take your place

i.) Those closest to you will keep you where you are

ii.) Relatives, siblings, coworkers, neighbors, and best friends will tease, guilt, shame, ridicule, emasculate, invalidate

The best you can do is serve as an example.


Resistance & Procrastination – Procrastination is the easiest to fall under, the most insidious

  1. It can become a habit.
  2. You can change your life Right Now!

Resistance & Sex – Obsessive preoccupation with sex, immediate gratification.  It uses sex as a saboteur.  The more empty you feel afterward, the greatest the power Includes:

  1. Drugs
  2. Shopping
  3. Masturbation
  4. TV
  5. Gossip
  6. Alcohol
  7. Fat Sugar Salt Chocolate

Resistance & Trouble – Getting in trouble is a cheap form of Fame.  Being late, petty crime, cruelty to and from others, cheating and the like.

Resistance & Self Dramatization – Creating a soap opera of our lives is a form of resistance

  1. A family Affair
  2. Someone will create drama, addicted to it
  3. Evil Twin to Santa Claus making its rounds

Resistance & Self Medication – Anything to alleviate stress or some sort of anxiety.  Usually it is resistance

Resistance & Victimhood – Any type of illness, complaining about being a victim.  The victim requires others to come to their rescue.  Antithesis of doing your work.

Resisting & Picking a Mate – Use your mate as a model if they are overcoming their resistance.  Do not ride their coattail.

Resistance & Unhappiness – Resistance feels like boredom, guilt, tiredness, feeling unloved, & feeling unlovable.  amounts to feeling unfixable, but its not.

Resistance & Unhappiness – Resistance will ask big picture questions

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why am I here?

These are meant to keep you where you are.  People are tribal.  We don’t know how to be alone.


These questions are asked by you when you need to find a tribe, a community.  This is a clue when you need to become more social.

Resistance & Criticism – When you live your authentic self, you won’t criticize others

Resistance & Self Doubt – Can be an indication of your desires.  When something is big enough, some self-doubt is normal.   This is how you know you’re doing something right.

Resistance & Fear – Tells us what we have to do.  The more fear the better.   The more fear the more growth.

Resistance & Love – The more resistance, the more love

Resistance & Being a Star – Evidence of an amateur!!   Only amateurs are concerned about being famous.

Resistance & Isolation – Afraid of being alone.  We are never alone.  The part of you that creates, invents, “in the zone” – There is no time, no occurrence of alone.  Who you re the real you will never experience aloneness.

Resistance & Healing – You do not need to be “healed” or “perfect” to create.  This thought is totally bogus and more resistance & sabotage.  Your personal life does not need to be perfect.

Resistance & Support – Seeking support does NOTHING.  Support from friends & family is like monopoly money.  Nothing of substance.  A dream from a deeper self is worth much more.

Resistance Rationalization

The right-hand man of resistance.  Meant to keep you from feeling shame.  The trick is to make sure you don’t actually believe the rationalization.

Rationalization is the spin doctor of resistance – Presents us w/ plausible deniability/excuses.  Some are even true.

Resistance can be beaten!!